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Quality Landscaping

How we work
​Step 1. Call or email today
Step 2. Schedule project review
Step 3. Receive bid/estimate 1-3 days out
Step 4. Accept offer and we will finish your project
General Operating Principles:
Payment will be due upon completion of the described and agreed upon work and payment schedule. Depending on materials jobs will require down payment from 25-50%
We do work pricing mainly by the job.
Payment may be cash, check, or card. Payments by card are subject to an extra 3% fee on the amount charged. If you wish to pay by check it must be for less than $5000, if not we will only accept certified checks or money orders or cash payable to Behm Landscaping LLC, you agree to be held responsible for any fees associated with your check bouncing or being declined and an additional $75 inconvenience fee for our time lost.
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