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If these do not answer your question please email us at or call.


How long does it typically take for you to be able to start a project?


Typically we are running on average two weeks out from the time you accept a bid until we can start a larger job. Even very significant residential jobs typically do not take more then a week to finish with the average larger job running about two days.


 What all will your bids include?


All bids will list out the items to be included in the job and price will include materials


For large jobs what payment would you require up front?


Typically depending on how large it is and what materials are involved between 25-50%

This can also be avoided by breaking the project into stages and upon receipt of payment for each stage we would move on to the next stage


Will you work outside of your defined operating area?


Yes, however it will result in a higher price and/or an Estimate fee of $50


Could you supply references?


Yes, we can arrange for a referral upon request depending on how busy we are this may take a few days please see us on home adviser for a list of reviews and ratings.

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